Are you looking to unleash your Subaru BRZ’s full potential? If so, you need the best coilovers for your BRZ. Investing in coilovers for your BRZ will make it possible for you to make numerous modifications to your Subaru to get the setup you have always wanted. While the manufacturers have created a good handling car, installing coilovers can turn any Subaru BRZ into the perfect handling car.

Coilovers can turn your Subaru into the perfect vehicle for those weekend back-road trips or even the perfect everyday car to work.

When in the market for coilovers for BRZ, there is no one fit all option. Your budget and preference will determine your choice.

In this guide, we will look at four of the best coilovers for BRZs in the market today:

  • Whiteline GS1-SUB006
  • Bilstein 47-228337
  • Bilstein 48-228299
  • APEXi 264CT090

Read on to learn more about these options.

Whiteline GS1-SUB006

This Front and Rear Grip Series Kit is the ultimate entry-level suspension upgrade. This kit is made to deliver the best performance, comfort, and handling. It features the adjustable Whiteline signature front and read swaybars, performance lowering springs, and drop links.

The Whiteline spring will improve the performance of your BRZ while ensuring it maintains high ride quality characteristics and safety. This kit comes with 274lb/in (4.9kg/mm) front rated springs that guaranteed to give you a 25mm drop. It also comes with a 207lb/in (3.7kg/mm) rated rears springs that also deliver a 25mm drop.

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

Also featuring a 2-point 22mm adjustable front sway bar and an 18mm  3-point rear sway bar, the kit comes complete with high-quality sway bar links as well as mounting accessories for optimum performance and easy installation.

The sway bar links increase the effectiveness of the sway bar while improving performance. It eliminates flex and compliance that comes with original equipment to offer increased rigidity and responsiveness. This is especially felt when changing lanes and initial turn-in.

This GS1 kit is sure to help you achieve the perfect balance and precision tuning. This product comes with a limited one-year warranty.


  • The Ultimate Entry Level Suspension Upgrade For Performance, Handling, And Comfort
  • adjustable Whiteline signature front and read swaybars, performance lowering springs and drop links
  • 2-point 22mm adjustable front sway bar and an 18mm 3-point rear sway bar

This product comes with a Limited 1 Year Warranty.

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Bilstein 47-228337

The Bilstein B14 is where driving dynamics meet individual settings. This is a threaded body Coilover suspension kit for anyone who wants to feel the street while riding the Subaru BRZ. This kit allows for vehicle ride height adjustment without the need for a fully adjustable damping system.

This performance Coilover kit comes with a Coilover and standard monotube gas shocks that deliver performance level valving and progressive rate coil springs that are application-specific. This B14 kit also includes solid aluminum spring seats and locknuts for precise adjustment of the BRZ lowered ride height from 30mm to 50mm, even after installation.

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

It uses the Bilstein patented triple C technology coating that guarantees long-term corrosion resistance. With the Bilstein 47-228337 Coilover suspension kit, you can set up the rising height of your Subaru BRZ for a better-looking stance and improved handling. It includes a complete set for the front and rear setup.

Key features:

  • Threaded Body Adjustable Range Of 20 Millimeter At Both Axles, While Installed
  • Quality Sport Springs Are Made From Highly Durable Material
  • Road Tested By Bilstein And Motor Sports Conditions And Fine Tuned
  • Surface Coating Using Triple-C-Technology® For Long-Lasting Corrosion Resistance
  • Round Threads For Ease Of Adjustment
  • Spring Plates And Lock Nuts Made From A Special Aluminum Alloy
  • Gas Pressure Technology

This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Bilstein 48-228299

This is yet another premium product from Bilstein, one of the best suspension creators in the market. The Bilstein 48-228299 (B16 (PSS10) Series is rated amongst the best coilovers for Subaru BRZ when it comes to comfort levels and fast-road setups.

The B16 (PSS10) suspension kit by Bilstein features height adjustability for your ride with 10-stage dampers that can be adjusted manually in a direct fit, OE quality package. This 10-stage system can adjust compression and recount to give you the best handling performance for any driving condition.

It comes in a zinc-coated and threaded body to deliver the flexibility needed to determine the perfect height settings for different uses. It also provides unsurpassed protection against even the harshest road conditions.

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

If you are in the market for a smooth highway Coilover setup that takes advantage of the progressive spring at low speeds, the B16 (PSS10) can be a perfect choice. This B16 system gives you complete control of your BRZ while on the road. It provides precise suspension tuning only available in racecars.

Whether you need to set up your ride for a weekend competition or as an everyday drive, the B16 system will deliver excellent handling performance for any driving situation. These suspension kits are made in Germany and use a technology that has been tested on the Nurburgring.

Features include:

  • Threaded Body Adjustable Range Of 20 Millimeter At Both Axles
  • 30-50mm front and rear lowering
  • Road-tested and fine-tuned under extreme motorsports conditions by BILSTEIN ride engineers
  • Individual Settings Ranging From Maximum Comfort To Aggressive Sport Can Be Selected By The Twist Of A Dial
  • Surface Coating Using Triple-C Technology® For Long-Lasting Corrosion Resistance
  • Spring Plates And Lock Nuts Made From A Special Aluminum Alloy
  • Round Threads for Ease of Adjustment. Quality Sport Springs Are Made From Highly Durable Material
  • Gas Pressure Technology

This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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APEXi 264CT090

The APEXi 264CT090 is developed for street performance. This system will set up your vehicle with cutting-edge suspension technology. This damper system comes fitted with a 46-mm large piston in an aluminum monotube design that uses a 25-way damping force adjustment ideal for adopting different conditions. The APEXi evolution Coilover system will setup your BRZ performance with the quality, strength, and multiple adjustment capabilities of high-end racecars.

The monotube design uses a threaded base for easy height adjustments while protecting the condition of the spring and shock travel. This performance suspension kit also comes with the N1 Evolution-Cat Bach System. It lowers between 1.57 and 2.75 Inches to the Front and 0.59 To 2.55 Inches to the rear. It also includes 2 Front and 2 Rear Dampers.

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

APEXi customizes every N1 Evolution Damper to meet the specifications of the client. Whether you need the suspension system for drift, circuit, or street driving, your vehicle specification data and the conditions of the Subaru BRZ data is used to create the best-customized Coilover kit.

The information required includes the tires specifications, wheel specifications, engine specifications, chassis specifications, and driving style.

Features include:

  • GT Race Quality Damper Fluid That Can Withstand High Temperatures And Prevent Damping Force Degradation
  • 25 Way Damping Force Adjustment To Adapt To A Variety Of Driving Conditions
  • Standardized 65 Millimeter (ID) Spring Allows The Use Of A Wide Variety Of Readily Available Springs
  • Adjustable Lower Case Design That Allows Ride Height To Be Adjusted Without Affecting Preload
  • Front Strut- Type Setups Feature Camber Adjustment Plates That Utilize Premium Quality Pillow-Ball Spherical Bearings To Minimize Deflection, Binding, And Noise
  • Monotube Design With 46 Millimeter Diameter Piston

This product comes with a Limited 1 Year Warranty.

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The Subaru BRZ Coilover basics

Coilovers make it possible for you to set up your Subaru BRZ damping and height to lower the center of gravity for improved stability. They also stiffen the chassis for better turning and control. With coilovers, your Subaru will look sportier, which is always better when it comes to a Subaru. Coilovers also allow you to transform your car by improving the performance.

With so many Coilover brands in the market, picking the right one can be a daunting task. Here is what you need to look for in the best coilovers for BRZ Subaru.

Spring rates

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

Springs are an important part of any suspension setup. They are responsible for controlling the car’s bounce ability, absorb bumps, and create a low body roll when loaded. A higher spring rate will require more force for spring compression, which will reduce the suspension travel.

The body of a vehicle moves whenever the driver accelerates, turns, or brakes. When you reduce the body movement, the handling becomes more predictable and spreads the load across all wheels effectively, boosting the grip.

Many aftermarket coilovers are made with stiffer springs as compared to OEM suspension. This improves handling, giving the driver a better feel of the road and car, especially for spirited driving.

Valving and spring adjustability

The most common reason people purchase coilovers for Subaru BRZs is to lower the car. This reduces the center of gravity, which in turn reduces excessive body roll and improves performance. Having ride height adjustability, spring preload, and damping are important features for any good quality Coilover.

Adjusting the Coilover makes it easier for you to fine-tune the vehicle handling and gives it an ideal ride height for any application. You also need to be able to replace the coilover springs with stiffer ones, especially for track cars that require higher spring rates compared to streetcars. Stiffer springs deliver a better grip, reduced body roll, and improved handling.

When switching to softer or stiffer springs, you need to match the spring rate with damping to avoid having a bouncy ride, which can affect the car’s handling.

The top mount

A top mount is located at the top of a Coilover to hold the parts together and joins the top of the Coilover to the car. Between the mount and the strut assembly, you will find 2 different bushings; the pillow ball type and rubber type.

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

OE manufacturers prefer rubber bushing to pillowball bushing because they deflect more, which a common cause of suspension precision failure. The rubber used on OEM struts is soft, which allows energy deflection. Using stiffer rubber mounts can improve longevity and prevent energy deflection.

On the other hand, a pillowball bushing is made of a spherical metallic joint that remains in place. This lack of deflection from cornering forces gives a better feel from steering and suspension.

Monotube designing

In every Coilover, dampers can be designed as a monotube or a twin-tube. The latter is made with an inner or outer tube where the inner one holds the piston shaft, oil, and valve while the outer tube holds the nitrogen gas and the damper oil.

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

During suspension compression, the piston in a twin-tube forces oil from the inner tube to the valve and then the outer tube. When the piston retracts, the oil in the outer tube is sucked back to the inner tube. This type of dumper system is common in OEM suspensions as it allows more suspension stroke, which improves the quality of the ride.

For monotube dampers, the gas and shock are held in one tube with a floating piston separating the gas from the liquid. This design pushes the damper piston through the oil and the oil through the chambers in the valves. The Monotube dampers design support gas compression, where the compression is slow on small bumps and fast over large bumps.

A benefit of monotube dampers is the ability to use them either way up, which is not possible for twin-tube dampers. In addition, monotube dampers have a higher fluid capacity than twin-tube dampers. They also deliver better heat dissipation, which improves the damper effectiveness.

For high-end Subaru BRZ performance on track or street, the monotube design comes highly recommended and is a superior upgrade from twin-tube damper designs.

Sway bars for the Subaru BRZ

Best Coilovers for BRZ – In-Depth Product Review

By default, most factory cars come fitted with an understeer bias to make them easier to drive within the limit and safer. Sway bars are used to bring the car to a neutral state. Upgrading your BRZ rear bar with a 25mm sway bar can correct all understeering issues with the car. The type of bar used and the size can make a difference in car handling.

When lowering a vehicle, the suspension geometry is changed, which can incorrectly preload the sway bars, causing unpredicted handling issues or even damage. To prevent this, you can use adjustable end links for the correct preloading of a sway bar.

The benefits of coilovers

The prestige

Coilover suspensions are high-end adjustments for any vehicle. Telling your auto-biffed acquaintances that you installed coilovers will definitely garner you some points. Ensure you go for aftermarket coilovers, as these are the better choice for specialized setups.

Good vehicle handling

Most car enthusiasts prefer to improve the handling using coilovers compared to stock suspension systems they come with from the manufacturer. Coilovers setup a customized suspension that enables the system to navigate better in cornering and other kinds of driving.

Ability to upgrade and adjust

BRZ drivers love that Coilover suspensions can be adjusted. This is perfect for anyone interested in lowering the car for on-road use. These custom suspensions can also support a high setting for off-road use. The ability to set the suspension in any way you prefer is one of the main benefits of Coilover systems.

Final thought

This guide covers the best coilovers for Subaru BRZ. Rated from the most affordable to the most expensive of the four, any of these options comes highly recommended for your Subaru BRZ. If you are looking for a way to prevent your chassis from bottoming out, reduce body roll, and protect your wheels, investing in coilovers is a consideration worth making.