Every Jeep XJ owner out there dreams of making their vehicle more efficient and powerful than it already is. When it comes to upgrading your Jeep XJ, you will notice that there are a lot of updates that can be helpful in improving the performance of your Jeep. However, most people tend to undervalue the importance of upgrading the cold air intake for this vehicle.

Besides improving the car’s performance, a cold air intake is affordable and easy to install. This simple and inexpensive step can go a long way in improving the air flow through the vehicle’s engine. This, in turn, boosts the horsepower and torque performance of your Jeep.

Generally, there are two different types of air intakes for Jeep XJ. These are the cold air intake and warm air intakes. Warm air intakes use the warm air in the engine. This air has less oxygen compared to the outside air. Since there is less oxygen, warm air intakes must absorb more air and this adds more energy to the combustion process.

There is no big difference between a cold air intake and warm air intake when it comes to functionality. Actually, the old difference is that there is an extension of the intake tube that allows the cold water intake system to collect outside air. This tube extension can be run from any place where there is the presence of cold air. It can be along the undercarriage, through the grille among other places. The cold air, which is rich in oxygen, increases the level of combustion. As a result, it boosts the engines power.

There is a wide range of cold air systems that we can choose from in the market today. Are there tips to help me choose the right product for my car? Yes, there are, and this is what our review is all about: the best cold air intake for Jeep XJ. This review helps make this whole process easier for you. Keep reading to find out some of the best cold air intakes you can find in the market for your Jeep XJ.

5 best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-Reviews

1. Airaid 315-313

If you are looking to improve the acceleration and the horsepower level for your Jeep XJ, then consider trying out this Airaid 315-313 cold air intake. Airaid, the manufacturer of this cold air intake is a renowned company that offers high-quality air intake systems.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide

This cold air intake comes with the Airaid premium air filter that helps produce impressive filtration and air flow. The air is normally passed through an air-intake tube that is made from a high density and cross-linked polythene designed by the use of extensive computer modelling. This goes a long way in helping to maintain the required calibration and mass air-flow readings.

By installing this Airaid 315-313, you can rest assured that you will end up with a system that is easy to install and one that is extremely sophisticated to help improve the air flow, and at the same time maintain the desired air-to-fuel ratio. This will help eliminate the necessity for calibration after installing it. All you have to do is bolt it in, and you are ready to go!

It is also important to note that some states do not allow the sale of AIRAID air intakes. Therefore, you should ensure to check the product’s vehicle applications to understand its legal status. The main features of Airaid 315-313 include;

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide
  • Impressive acceleration and horsepower gains
  • It can be used to replace the air filter, stock intake tubing, and air box where applicable
  • You can easily install it by using some of the most commonly available tools.
  • Its oil-free synthetic air filter is very easy to clean.
    Its air filter media is washable and can also be reused.

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2. K&N Filters 57-1569

This is another impressive cold air intake to consider for your Jeep XJ. It comes with high-density polythene that is rationally molded to improve your engine’s air flow, and also increase the torque and horsepower. This system also comes with a reusable and washable high-flow air filter that has cotton filter media. Under normal driving conditions, you can go up to 100,000 miles between filter services, thanks to its oversized conical design.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide

Another impressive aspect of this cold air filter is that it can be installed in less than ninety minutes. It also has a heat shield designed to protect the air from high temperature coming from the engine bay.

The cold air intake will also guarantee better towing by improving uphill performance and acceleration when towing through improved throttle response. You will also experience improved engine sound. Besides, the engine will be protected from harmful contaminants.

Since some air intakes are not legal in some states, it is advisable to check the product’s specifications for CARB status for your vehicle. Here are the features of K&N Filters 57-1569

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide
  • The K&N filters 57-1569 are guaranteed to increase your horsepower
  • They come with a K&N million mile limited warranty.
  • They are very easy to install and they can be installed in less than ninety minutes.
  • They can with a reusable and washable lifetime air filter.
  • Replaces the intake tube and the factory air filter
  • The filter will only require to be cleaned after 100,000 miles under normal highway driving conditions.
  • Designed to provide excellent filtration and high air flow
  • They do not void your motor vehicle warranty

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3. Spectre Industries 9014

This air intake system is guaranteed to improve the torque and horsepower in your Jeep XJ. At the same time, it protects your engine from debris and harmful contaminants.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide

Each of these air systems comes with a reusable, washable, low restriction specter air filter. It also has a black powdered coated heat shield and a polished aluminum intake tube. The air intake has an OE fit and finish, thanks to the installation of a velocity stack, the necessary rubber boots, stainless steel clamps among other necessary hardware.

Spectre Industries 9014 cold air inlet is dyno-tested with up to 50% more airflow than the normal factory intake tube and air filter. This system is also easy to install in a process that can take less than one hour by using some of the most commonly available hand tools. Under normal driving conditions, this cold air intake can improve your overall fuel economy by a few MPG. So what are the features that make Spectre Industries 9014 stand out?

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide
  • Designed to increase your vehicle torque and horsepower
  • It has a limited 90-day warranty
  • It is easy to install, and installations can be finished in less than one hour
  • It comes with a red specter air filter

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4. Advanced FLOW Engineering 51-12462

The advanced FLOW engineering 51-12462 cold air intake resulted in nine horse-power, ten pounds X foot torque max gain. It also outflowed its manufacturer’s intake by 37% on the 2014 jeep Cherokee V6-3.2L. This system comes with an eighteen gauge heat shield that is powder-coated, and a 7” tall oil-free aFe Power Pro Dry S filter. It is specially designed to maximize air velocity for great throttle response and maximum performance due to its one-piece mandrel-bent wrinkle-black powder-coated intake tube.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide

Since it is a direct bolt-on kit, the cold air system does not require drilling or cutting on OEM parts. The main features of this product include;

  • It is very easy to install
  • Its intake tube is specially designed to maximize air velocity. It is also flowed and dyno-tested for excellent throttle response and maximum performance.
  • It has a one-piece filter housing that helps to keep your warm engine air out in order to improve its performance.
  • It comes with a huge 7” tall air filter that is meant to maximize filtration convenience. It does not need oils to be cleaned.

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5. Flow Master 615156

If you want to take the performance of your Jeep XJ to another level, then consider using Flow Master 615156 cold air intake system. This system comes with an ultra-trick looking custom molded black cross-linked polythene high flow intake tube, excellent silicone couplers, stainless steel hardware, and black anodized aluminum fittings. In order to trap more dust and dirt particles, the air intake is fitted with a larger high-flow conical air filter than the normal air filters.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep XJ-2020 Review and Buying Guide

The main features include;

  • The cold air intake does not require any tuning
  • It comes with anodized aluminum fittings
  • Its air filter can be cleaned and reused
  • It is packed with high-quality components with a customized finish
  • No drilling or cutting required for easy installation
  • It comes with stainless steel hardware

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Best cold air intake for Jeep XJ – Buying guide

Cold air intake provides more air into the vehicle’s system. When your Jeep has more oxygen into its system, its general horsepower, performance, mileage, and torque are likely to improve. In simple terms, the cold air intake is meant to replace your stock intake, and also increase the performance and horsepower of your vehicle by improving oxygen intake and combustion.

The cold air intake is also responsible for delivering the coolest air intake temperatures possible by relocating the filter outside of the engine compartment. This cool air transports more oxygen that is used to increase the explosion in the combustion chamber in order to improve the horsepower and torque of your vehicle.

However, it is also important to note that the air cold intake systems for your Jeep XJ differ from each other. To get one that will work best for your vehicle, ensure that you do some research in order to find one that best suits your requirements.

Top benefits of cold air intake systems

Internal combustion engines convert fuel to mechanical energy. Cold air intakes add oxygen into this fuel making the engine more powerful. This, however, is not the only purpose or benefit of cold air intakes. Other advantages include;
More horsepower

Just like we have already said, the quantity of air used for combustion plays a big role in determining the combustion engine’s output. Cold air is more conductive and this makes the burn more efficiently. This is how cold air intake can help increase horsepower. The amount of horsepower added by the cold air intake ranges from 5 to 12 HP.

Increased acceleration

The benefits of cold air intake can be felt when we push the accelerator pedal. This is because the cold air intake kit improves the responsiveness of your vehicle. If the engine receives cold air in large quantities, it makes it easier for the vehicle accelerate. Anyone who enjoys speedy acceleration shouldn’t underestimate the power of a cold air intake.
Improves gas mileage

We have already explained how internal combustion engines generate power. Having enough oxygen through the engine is an important part of this process. With a lack of oxygen, there will be an increase in fuel consumption. Cold air intakes improve gas mileage by servicing 3 main purposes. These include the following;

  • Improves the horsepower
  • Ensures optimum fuel to air ratio
  • Improves the fuel economy

All these functions will also play a role in decreasing your fuel expenses

Enhanced sound

This is another reason to consider a cold air intake for your Jeep XJ. How does cold air intake affect the sound of your engine? The main function of cold air intakes is to improve performance. When there is an intense amount of air, there will be an increased amount of air flow. As a result, it produces a ‘throaty growl’ that most car owners love. This is how a cold air intake can change how your jeep sounds.

Does a cold air intake for Jeep XJ actually help?

Cold air intakes can increase the engine’s lifespan. This is because they introduce more cold air in the combustion process. As a result, they increase the vehicle’s horsepower. Cold air intakes add about 15 HP on the vehicle’s engine .Although this number isn’t consistent in all vehicles.

The amount of extra horsepower depends on several factors like the condition of your engine and the type of system. At the end of the day, a cold air intake system can help increase the lifespan of your engine by lowering the exhaust gas temperature and improving the fuel to air ratio.


A cold air intake is a handy system when it comes to improving the efficiency of your engine. Better results will be achieved if you choose a cold air intake model that best suits your vehicle. This review consists of the best cold air intake models that you can consider for your jeep XJ.