The search for less restrictive, durable, and optimum power boosters has seen the rise of JBA Headers 1851SJT— as the best headers for 4.8 Silverado.

JBA Headers 1851SJT

Falling under Cart4ward short headers, JBA Headers 1851SJT are updates of the previous long tuber headers. They have recently dominated the market because of the massive improvements in power; something riders had been seeking direly before.

Best Headers for 4.8 Silverado

To breathe more life into your buy-or-ignore decision, let’s briefly look at an overview of the company. We’ll then discuss features, pros, cons, experiences, target consumers, and a few alternatives to JBA Headers 1851SJT.

What’s more? Let’s do this!

JBA Overview

Committed to manufacturing excellence, JBA is known for its creativity and originality in the truck exhaust industry. They are headquartered in the USA.
Their mission is, “JBA is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing quality exhaust and performance products that exceed customers’ expectations while providing unparalleled service.”

Adhering to this mission religiously has seen them deliver quality, powerful and durable headers. However, this was not the case before 1987. Originally, they planned to serve only 5.0L Mustang.

As a myriad of customers fell in love with their products, they saw it wiser to design products for Ford, GM, Jeep, Toyota, Dodge, and Nissan vehicles.

Today they produce a variety of products such as JBA Cart4ward Headers, JBA Power Cables, and JBA Performance Exhaust Systems. That’s why they can provide you some of the best headers for 4.8 Chevy Silverado.

You get a warranty whenever you buy any of JBA’s headers and exhaust products. The warranty covers product replacement and repairs for 1 year. However, this guaranteed system has several weaknesses. It fails to guarantee costs relating to:

  • Installations,
  • Corrosion related failures,
  • Road accidents, and
  • Removals.


Here are the features of JBA Headers 1851SJT:

  • 1-5/8 Inch diameter primary tubes;
  • 2-1/2 Inch Diameter Firecone Collectors
  • Thick CNC laser-cut Head Flange that are 3/8 Inches with oversized ports
  • Ceramic Coated Titanium Stainless Steel;
  • Gaskets and Mounting Hardware
  • Factory style emission connections


  • less restrictive
  • boost power and efficiency
  • durable
  • reduce temperatures
  • easier installation
  • reduced fuel consumption

For a long time, truck users sought for an all-in-one vehicle. Something that can race, tow, and also be crucial in daily movements. Engineers designed such a truck. However, there was a catch:

The trucks were not pocket-friendly

Best Headers for 4.8 Silverado

You would buy one and before you realize the value for your money, the stuff was dead! Where was the issue?Well, the kernel of the problem lied in exhaust systems.

Not only did the trucks overconsume fuel but the exhaust system died sooner than you expected.

Thanks to JBA, you can now replace the feeble exhaust manifolds with beastly Cart4ward Shorty Headers. The headers have made the trucks last longer as well. This durability is possible because the headers are made of stainless steel.

For a broader view, let me tell something awesome about stainless steel. Their chemical composition enables your truck’s engine to enjoy an ocean of benefits under one roof.

First, they resist corrosion within your engine system. Secondly, they punch away overheating. With stainless steel, you can confidently race a chunk of miles without worrying about frequent stops to cool the system.

The material also has tensile strength and can last years. These covetous features drastically reduce the leaking of the exhaust system. On the peak-end, your headers will experience zero leakings.

You no longer need to stress about overspending on fuel. Economical, right? And we are not done yet…

Adding a coating of ceramics to the headers boost the advantages you are already enjoying with JBA Headers 1851SJT. Ceramics resist a great deal of heating because they have high melting points. Their low electrical and thermal conductivity make them good insulators.

If you hate noisy engines, like me, you will appreciate the role of JBA headers 1851SJT. The embedding of the Cart4ward Shorty Header mufflers with titanium stainless steel and ceramic coatingspeeds upnoise absorption. Sound waves that cause noise pollution are canceled out on the walls of the header pipes.

Since JBA headers 1851SJT are less restrictive than exhaust manifolds, they free the movement of the exhaust gas. This comes with improved efficiency.
Still comparing JBA short headers with exhaust manifolds or other headers, JBA headers 1851SJT draw another punchline from the Firecone collector composition. Through the JBA Firecone collector, the headers can produce more power than most headers currently in the market.

Combining the above strengths, you can now realize the role of Cart4ward Shorty Headers towards all-in-one and economical markets.
The propelled power enables the trucks to undertake energy-demanding activities such as towing. Combining energy and economic efficiency make these cars a better fit for racing. The more exciting part is that the trucks can now boost your income.

Having a higher ability to move around with more efficiency makes them a good fit for economic activities. They are also easier to install than most headers in the market.


May need some experience to install

A typicaldrawback is that of installation. This is a limited disadvantage because it does not hurt engineers and experienced installers of JBA headers 1851SJT.

However, as a DIY truck user, you may encounter some hell of a time if you are handling exhaust engines for the first time. As a beginner Do-It-Yourself installer of the 4.8 Silverado header, you may find it hard to align the header with the y-pipe.

The header may be some inches off the y-pipe. Mostly it is due to the improper positioning of the gaskets. Coupled with the challenges of opening the engine system, you may end up using a lot of time.

Solution? Here’s what you should do:


Although it is easier to install JBA headers 1851SJT compared to most headers in the market, it can be difficult if you are completely blank about handling studs and manifolds.

If you find the installation problematic, as I encountered initially, download the instructions and watch some YouTube tutorials to ease the process.

Best Headers for 4.8 Silverado

If possible, arm yourself with the right tools to ease the installation. This is because the workspace is usually not suitable for a lot of bolts— due to its small size. If you still can’t install the headers, there is no harm in seeking the services of an experienced installer.

After a successful installation, you should experience a change in engine sound. It should be less noisy. Improved power while off-roading. More importantly, you experience a reasonable gas consumption per mileage.

Another fancy experience worth noting is the visual composition of the headers. Warmly shiny, you can admire them before attempting to use them. They are lighter to carry around as well. A super alternative to OEM!


These headers are best for:

  • Racers
  • Towers
  • Daily movements

As a racer, you need a powerful engine. A truck that gives you the initial momentum. The update of the engine to the JBA Firecone collector gives the trunk more power to consume miles in a few seconds.

Stronger engine and economical fuel consumption make the truck a good fit for towing around. Paired with less resistivity and heating, you now have a vehicle that fits daily commutes

The movements entail business-related ventures such as official journeys, daily errands and even leasing out. This all-in-one trait is, as well, possibly because you don’t have to worry about frequent breakdowns as we saw with most OEM and former headers.

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Hedman Hedders 69680

Made in the USA, Hedman Hedders 69680 are some of the best headers for 4.8 Silverado. On average, customers give them a rating of 4 out of 5. Why not 5/5 stars? Let’s decide by looking at their features, pros, and cons.


Style: Shorty
chassis exit
Natural color
Made ofsteel
The primary tube diameter is 1 5/8 inches
Suits various make, model, and year
No folding
Uncoated exterior


  • Easy to install
  • some of the cheapest headers in the market
  • Come with most of the needed hardware.
  • Looksgreat
  • Standard flange style

Hedman Hedders 69680 are some of the easiest to install. With the right tools, you should find it less-brainstorming to access your truck’s engine as well as install the headers. Like best headers for 4.8 Silverado, Hedman hedders 69680 have bolts that are easy to remove.

If you need economic-friendly headers then Hedman Hedders 69680 will serve you. With less than 400$, you can find a long-lasting header from Hedman Streets.

Best Headers for 4.8 Silverado

The steel composition enables them to run long distances without the engine overheating.

Inheriting the traits of most headers from the Hedman Streets, Hedman Hedders 69680 can fit well with most engine systems. At the Y-pipe, they fit with two flat flanges. Mostly, they are models consisting of a flat flange and a ball flange.

Another selling point of these headers is their ability to boost engine power closer to 300 hp.


  • Coating burns off quickly
  • Less effectivewith engine sound
  • The problem of bolts mismatch.
  • Poor in controlling leaking.

The coating burns quickly. Worse yet, it sticks. If you are encountering this dreaded scenario for the first time, you may think your truck is one fire. But the reality is that the coating is designed to be temporary, mostly for protection during shipment of the headers.

Unlike JBA headers 1851SJT, these headers have little to no effect on the sound of the engine. A myriad of customers has an issue with bolts of Hedman hedders 69680 headers. Mostly, the headers are not bolt-on-application.

Another issue that consumers have faced in the past with these headers is that of leaking. For some reason, you need to examine the product to realize that the accompanying gasket is multi-layered before buying the headers.

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Gibson Exhaust GP119S-C Headers

Lastly, let’s have a look at another typical alternative to JBA Headers 1851SJT: the Gibson exhaust headers.

Best Headers for 4.8 Silverado

Made in Corona (CA) – the USA, the Gibson Exhaust GP119S-C aresome of the best headers for 4.8 Silverado.

Their selling point is the fact that they are dyno-tuned. Meaning?They are best suited to monitor engine output, including air-fuel mixture, horsepower as well as torque.


  • Boosts hp that are of low and mid-range
  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Maximizes performance
  • Boosts exhaust flow
  • Lengthens engine life
  • Directly replaces OEM exhaust manifolds
  • Ensure a leak-free seal
  • No Welding required
  • Possesses a mandrel-bent tubing gauge that is heavy-duty
  • Includes all hardware
  • Meets standards of EPA and CARB standards
  • Has a lifetime limited warranty

If you need the best life for your engine, you can go for Gibson Exhaust GP119S-C. They improve engine efficiency. This is possible because they ensure the engine runs with an utmost cooling effect.

The result is an engine with longer life. And there is more:

They extend to empower the engine of your 4.8 Silverado. They achieve this magic through their dyno-tuning traits. The horsepower that it boosts is either low or mid-range.

Theyare commonly referred to as a direct replacement for factory manifolds. Why?

With these headers, you don’t undertake any welding during installation. They, instead, attach to the OEM crossover pipe without much struggle.

Gibson Exhaust GP119S-C headers reduce leaking drastically. Their heavy-duty gauge port flanges initiate a leak-free seal environment.

Another exciting inclusion in Gibson Exhaust GP119S-C that they come with all the necessary hardware. For example, the premium gaskets. This all-in-one header eases your budget since you can undertake a one-time purchase.

Another music to the ear is the fact they are some of the cheapest yet very efficient headers. For less than 800$, you can grab a long-lasting header. You should buy these types of headers because they meet the legal needs of most states.

In total, 50 states legalize these headers. The standards considered here are those of EPA and CARB.

Briefly, CARB is an agency in California. It monitors pollution and protects the environment, especially the atmosphere. EPA, on the other hand, is an agency that sets environment-health standards.

Lastly, you will admire the warranty under the Gibson products, as one the best headers for 4.8 Silverado. The lifetime limited warranty presents you with a bunch of benefits.

The only exception to lifetime warranty advantage is UV exhausts, which possess a1-year limited warranty. Here are some of the benefits:

Gibson replaces or repairs your headers if they can prove the damage through one of their inspection officials. The damage can relate to workmanship or material.

Another typical consideration is that the original buyer owns the vehicle it was installed within the US.

As a drawback of using Gibson Exhaust GP119S-C, the warranty is limited. It failsto cover labor costs that relate to:

  • Shipping,
  • Installation and
  • Shipping charges

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Final Thoughts

The search for best headers entails considering traits such as durability, ease of installation, and contribution to engine health. Such covetous contributions include the ability to boost engine power, reduce leakages, as well as lower engine noise.

Currently, the best headers for 4.8 Silverado are JBA Headers JST. Since JBA headers may not satisfy all your needs, you may opt for Hedman hedders 69680 or Gibson headers as guided in this article.