Whether you have a brand new or older car, having quality seat covers is of utmost importance. Vehicle seats go through wear and tear every day, making them degrade quickly. That is why seat covers are essential for your vehicle. The best way to protect and maintain the state of your car seats is to install seat covers.

Seat covers are designed to protect your car seat from daily contact from you or other users of the vehicle. Protecting your car seats from damage increases their lifespan. This will save you extra costs associated with the repair of the original seats.

Best Seat Covers for Ram 2500 – Complete Buyers Guide

Usually, many seat covers come with a beautiful and luxurious design compared to your original seat covers. Once you install new covers, the appearance of your vehicle will change completely. This means that you can transform your old car and make it look more beautiful and appealing. Also, if you buy a new car, you can maintain the seats’ appearance and quality by installing seat covers.

If you are looking for the best seat covers, worry no more because we will provide you with the best options in this review. Below is a list of the best seat covers for ram 2500. Please take a look at it and select the one that suits your vehicle.

Types of seat covers

There are several types of seat covers available in the market. The most popular ones are the universal seat covers, custom, and semi-custom fit covers. These car seat covers offer the same function, which is to protect your car seats from rapid wear and tear. Although they have different designs and materials, they will offer your seats with the protection you need. It is essential to know your preferences before you select car seat covers to ensure total satisfaction.

Universal car seat covers

The universal car seat covers are the most popular among many car owners. These covers are designed to fit all types of car seats. They are adjustable. This makes it easy to fit all kinds of vehicle seats. Universal covers are easy to install and are affordable compared to most other covers.

Custom-fit covers

The custom-fit covers are also very popular. Some car owners prefer these covers. They come in different sizes and shapes. Also, they can be specifically tailored to meet the expectations of the vehicle owner. These seat covers are referred to as custom seat covers due to the ability to tailor them to fit user expectations.

Custom-fit seat covers usually come in a color that matches the interior of your car. They can be normal fitted, bucket fitted, or skin fitted, and are more expensive than universal covers.

Semi-custom fit covers

These covers are almost like the custom fit covers but have slight differences. They are designed to fit particular car models and are cheaper compared to the custom-fit covers.

1. Tiger Tough 75700A

The tiger tough ironweave seat covers are a great choice as they are tough and long-lasting. These seat covers are made of 1000 denier Cordura, making them water-resistant. They are also double stitched to make them fit properly.

Best Seat Covers for Ram 2500 – Complete Buyers Guide

Tiger tough seat covers are strong, comfortable, and durable. They are available in grey, black, or tan. These seat covers come in a package of armrest and headrest covers. There are also airbag fittings if your vehicle needs them. Even though these covers fit perfectly, cleaning them is easy as they come out easily. These seat covers also come with a two-year warranty.


  • The seat covers are double stitched and precision cut to ensure that they fit perfectly and look appealing
  • Extremely strong and durable because they are made of 1000 denier Cordura
  • They are water-resistant and will not fray due to the custom urethane coating on the fabric
  • The covers come in a package of armrest covers, console covers, airbag cutouts, and headrest covers depending on the type of vehicle
  • They are machine washable making them easy to clean
  • They have a two-year unconditional warranty

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2. Fia NP99-38 GRAY

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the Fia NP99-38 GRAY seat covers are for you. These covers are constructed with top-notch technology and can be customized to fit your needs. Fia NP99-38 seat covers are specially engineered to meet and exceed the vehicle manufacturers’ standards.

Best Seat Covers for Ram 2500 – Complete Buyers Guide

Fia has been the leading brand in the automotive industry for over twenty-five years due to its quality and top-notch textile engineering. It has become a big success due to its highly innovative designs and focus on the quality of its seat covers.

Key features

  • Fia NP99-38 seat covers come with a waterproof Neoprene.
  • The poly outer shells on the covers make them water-resistant.
  • They are padded, making them extremely comfortable.
  • They are easy to put on and off because of the quick-release buckles.
  • They have full ultraviolet protection, which protects them from direct sunlight.
  • Are hand washable
  • Easy to install and no tools are required.
  • The fabric is strong due to its multidirectional stretch feature.
  • Custom seat covers to improve the appearance and durability of the seats.
  • Have a limited two-year warranty

Why buy Fia NP99-38 Custom Seat Covers

  • Unexpected wear of the existing seat

Fia custom seat covers will protect your seats from premature wear and tear, especially on the driver’s seat. This will increase the lifespan of your seats and improve the appearance of the vehicle.

  • Enhance the interior of your vehicle

Usually, many vehicle interiors have almost the same look because they are fitted with less expensive seat covers. These covers are usually universal and do not fit perfectly. Fia custom fit seat covers will help you change the interior of your truck and make it unique at an affordable price.

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3. Coverking CSCRH1RM1017

The Coverking CSCRH1RM1017 are the toughest seat covers that Coverking has ever designed. They are made from PVC and have a leather appearance as well as structure.

These covers are incredibly sleek and have a smooth texture. The Coverking seat covers also have a sheen finish, and their stylish look is complemented by the embroidery machines that are computerized. If you are looking for the best seat covers with a leathery feel, the Coverking CSCRH1RM1017 is an excellent choice.

Best Seat Covers for Ram 2500 – Complete Buyers Guide

The seat covers are precision cut to ensure that the finished product fits perfectly. The superior craftsmanship used on the covers makes them unique and highly appealing. Also, these covers are water-resistant. This means the covers can be wiped or cleaned with water without fear of destroying the material.

Coverking seat covers are also resistant to Ultraviolet rays. This makes the covers to be resistant to fading, making their colors to last longer. These covers are very comfortable due to the thick layer of backing.


  • They are engineered using polyvinyl Chloride and polyester backing, making them strong and durable.
  • They are water-resistant
  • Ultraviolet resistant
  • These seat covers are easy to clean using leather treatment or a damp cloth
  • They are puncture and tear-resistant
  • Installation and maintenance is easy
  • They are custom made which makes them have an excellent fit

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4. Covercraft GTD1333CABN

Protecting your vehicle from damage is essential as it saves you time and money. Various damaging effects may reduce the lifespan of your car seats. These include mud, water, oil, grease, dirt, dust, food, etc. If you are looking for the best protection for your car seats, Carnhartt fabric has got you. Covercraft GTD1333CABN seat covers are very tough and are finely crafted using firm-hand duck weave. The seat covers are sewn and double stitched, which makes the main seams to be incredibly strong.

The firm-hand Carnhartt duck weave fabric is water-resistant and highly durable.


  • They are incredibly comfortable because of the additional foam backing.
  • They have pockets on the backs of the front seat covers.
Best Seat Covers for Ram 2500 – Complete Buyers Guide
  • High quality and durable firm-hand Carnhartt duck weave fabric
  • These seat covers have double-stitched seams, which makes them very strong.
  • They are resistant to water.
  • They are an exact fit since they are custom made.
  • They come with all applicable headrest, console covers, and armrests.
  • They have built-in safety airbags for protection.

They have a three-year limited warranty.

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Benefits of Seat covers

Seat covers are extremely beneficial to all vehicle owners. Car seats are not immune to damage. Also, the numerous damaging effects you encounter daily can make your car seats to wear prematurely. For this reason, you need to protect the seats from daily wear and tear.

Best Seat Covers for Ram 2500 – Complete Buyers Guide

Protecting your seats will not only increase their lifespan but also save you lots of time and money. Once your car seats are protected, you will need minimal repair and maintenance. There are various benefits of car seat covers you should know about before you begin your shopping.


The main benefit of car seat covers is to offer protection to your seats. Many substances may lower the lifespan of your seats. These include food, oil, water, grease, puncture, and abrasion, among others.

Also, if you have pets or small kids, it is advisable to install seat covers to protect them from rapid wear and tear. Car seat covers also protect your seats from direct sunlight and UV rays that may cause rapid fading. This maintains the color of the covers and makes them look new for a longer time.


Whether you have a personal car or you use private transportation, it is essential to feel comfortable. Seat covers usually have different features. All the accessories used to design the covers are aimed at making the end-user comfortable.

Some seat covers come with massage and heating features. If the seats are heated, you will have nothing to worry about during freezing weather. Also, you will have a chance to relax, enjoy a soothing massage as you drive home. The comfort that comes with the seat covers also adds to protecting the covers from direct contact.

Sense of ownership

You may not contribute much towards the appearance of your seat covers, but you can have them custom made for you. The chance to personalize your covers will give you a sense of ownership. This means that you have the opportunity to decide how you want the seat covers to be installed. Also, you will have a say on how the interior of your vehicle will look.

Usually, many people are attached to their vehicles. This means that everything in the car is a reflection of their personality. For this reason, it is essential to have a sense of ownership. Having the opportunity to choose how your car will look like gives you the chance to select the seat covers’ color, material, and design.


Another critical benefit of seat covers is that they are available at affordable prices. Installing new seat covers is cheaper than replacing a worn-out car seat or buying a new car. Seat covers are available in different materials and designs. This means that their prices will also differ, and you have a chance to choose the best seat cover that will suit your need.

Also, protecting your car seats from wear and tear will save you money in the long run. This is because you will only replace the seat covers instead of the entire seat.

Easy to install

If you have never installed new seat covers on your vehicle, you may think that the process is complicated. On the contrary, it is very easy to install car seat covers. You may decide to employ professionals to do the installation for you or choose to install them on your own. You can follow the installation manual and complete the installation process in a short time.

Easy to maintain

The maintenance of car seat covers is easy. Most of these covers can be easily removed, hand-washed, and air-dried. Some covers support machine cleaning. Leather seats are incredibly easy to clean as you only need to wipe the using a wet towel or apply leather treatment. Also, many seats are water-resistant, which makes their maintenance simple.

What to consider before buying seat covers

Before you buy any seat cover, it is essential to consider the following:

  • Conduct extensive research of the seat covers before you buy them
  • Consider your budget before you start your shopping to avoid going overboard.
  • Decide on the kind of fabric you want for your vehicle.
  • Make a list of several manufacturers and compare their prices to make an informed decision.


Car seat covers are essential for all types of vehicles and are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Also, many manufacturers and suppliers can provide you with the best car seat cover. When looking for these seat covers, it is essential to take your time to do some research. Also, it is paramount to know the different brands available.

Having extensive knowledge about the seat covers is of utmost importance before you begin your shopping. This is because you will have an idea of the kind of seat covers that will go well with your car seats. Also, you will have the time to compare different brands and prices before making the final decision.

Once you find the seat covers you like, decide whether you will hire a professional to install them for you. It is advisable to be available during the installation to ensure that the results are exactly as you want.