Having trouble with your 5.3 Chevy throttle? If you are an engine buff, you probably still want to compare the different throttle bodies to get the best throttle body for 5.3 Chevy. If you are a newbie, you still need to know the features of the different throttle bodies.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

The Chevy 5.3 L V8 engine, Vortec 5.3, or EcoTec3 is an excellent and reliable engine that will rarely leave you stranded on the roadside. This superb engine has been used across generations in different Chevy models, such as The Chevy Suburban, The Chevy Sierra, The Chevy Silverado, The Chevy Yukon, and others.

One of the Chevy 5.3 engine’s reliability comes from its long lifespan. A Chevy 5.3 engine can last between 200,000 to 300,000 miles. That is a long time in car years! Some drivers have owned cars with Chevy 5.3 engines for almost 20 years, with no major issues. Of course, you will have to replace a few things over the years and give the vehicle some TLC in regular maintenance!

When to change the throttle

A throttle plays a huge role in the air intake of your Chevy 5.3. The air intake system controls how much air your engine sucks in. If the throttle is faulty or just plain old, the engine will not let in the correct air amount. This means you will have major problems with your gas consumption, which is definitely not a good thing. If the car has poor idling or stalls, and the check engine light is on, time to have that throttle body checked! You should have the throttle body checked in various situations.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy
  • A throttle body does not have a set mileage, but you should give it a cleanup at least every 75,000 miles. This allows your car to give you a smoother drive and increases the throttle’s lifespan. Dust, grime, and debris will definitely build up with time, taking their toll on the throttle’s body.
  • Electrical faults might also be a culprit and may cause the information to be relayed intermittently or incorrectly to your car’s computer. Connection issues cause the transmission of conflicting signals to Chevy’s computer. When this is the case with the throttle body and the connected sensor, it skewed corrections to the fuel and air mixture.

The throttle body plays a huge part in controlling the air and fuel mixture in your Chevy engine. For the engine to run properly, the exact mixture has to be achieved. Once this mixing fails, the throttle body needs to be replaced.

When your throttle has failed, do not repair it, just buy a new one, it will save you a lot of trouble. In this review, we have listed different throttles and their features to help you choose the best throttle body for 5.3 Chevy. Take a walk with us and let us help you decide.

1. Edelbrock 38643

As we have already learned, the key to improving your engine power is to increase its efficiency. An Edelbrock throttle body’s design is manufactured to give your engine the amount of air it needs to increase performance. Of the five throttle bodies we reviewed in our search for the best throttle body for 5.3 Chevy, Edelbrock 38643 was the most expensive of the five retailing at over $400.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

The throttle body’s casting is made of aluminum and machined with excellent precision. The throttle blade is firmly supported by the throttle shaft for a great fit, and for smooth and secure operation, the throttle shaft moves along sealed ball bearings.


  • 90 millimeters
  • 1100 cubic feet per meter (CFM)
  • IAC (Idle Air Control)
  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
  • LS1 and LS2 Mounting Flange
  • Finishing is coated with black powder
  • I year limited supplier warranty

As an engine enthusiast, you probably know that these throttles are for cars exclusively meant for racing. If you have transplanted your engine into another car or changed into a car that is pre-emission controlled, this throttle will work perfectly. This throttle body is great if you are into racing, and if your car is just a regular Joe, you can use any of the other throttle bodies.

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2. Holley Performance 112-589

Holly outdid themselves in their search for building the best throttle body for 5.3 Chevy. They built a fantastic air valve for LS engines with lots of features. The Holley Performance 112-589 was the second most expensive throttle body on our list, retailing slightly over $500.


  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) clocker which allows the TPS to fall into the correct Electronic Control Unit voltage
  • Idle bleed allows you to adjust your idle and does not affect the TPS voltage at idle or the throttle’s position
In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy
  • A Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Passage valve, which closes to allow for easy tuning and installation
  • Tapered transition, which gets rid of low Revs Per Minute (RPM) issues
  • Awesome billet body that supports the great design
  • A Black and anodized finish which is great for resisting corrosion
  • Cruise control, which is inbuilt for the cruise control cable.
  • Gasket and mounting hardware provided

Cable-driven application

Regardless of whether your engine is a supercharger, turbo, LS engine, or any other huge cam engine that takes in lots of air, the Holley Performance throttle bodies are maximized for whatever you need them to do. This throttle body also comes with a 90-day limited supplier warranty, which is enough time to gauge its performance. The Holley took the spot for the throttle body with the most features.

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3. Edelbrock 38640

The Edelbrock 38640 ranked third in terms of price, cost slightly under $350. This throttle body is designed for Generation III to IV engines that have modifications. Like the Edelbrock 38643, this throttle body is awesome for your racecar. The 90mm throttle bodies improve airflow and increase horsepower in races or street performance applications.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

These throttles have an LS1 or LS2 flange mountable on LS1 manifolds with a 90mm opening and LS2 or LS7 factory manifolds. The Edelbrock 38640 throttle body does not keep the lower water tube and is perfect for the engine buff who wants to use an LS2 or LS7 in a modified older car, which has no drive-by-wire throttle.

The Edelbrock 38640, machined and assembled to precision, has its throttle shaft rides on sealed ball bearings so that it operates smoothly and securely. Most throttle bodies include a new, electronically calibrated, and pre-installed TPS.

A smaller sized throttle body is a bit larger than stock. They are great for stock or slightly modified engines. Larger throttle body sizes are for engines that are more powerful. These engines most of the time will need you to match manifold ports for better fitting. Bigger throttle bodies let in more air into your engine, and the first difference you feel is when you floor your accelerator.

The larger body feeds air faster than a stock engine, which allows you to feel the acceleration response from the engine faster. The larger throttle bodies boost your engine horsepower, increasing the torque and power by as much as 15 hp to 25 hp! This horsepower is especially helpful if you need to tow another car.

These Edelbrock throttle bodies are bolted using mounts to the stock manifolds, making them super easy to install.


  • It has a large throttle bore measuring 90mm for better air volume and increased horsepower
  • It rides on sealed shaft ball bearings which allow better, smoother operation
  • It has a factory set and pre-installed TPS
  • Operates at 1100 cubic feet per meter (CFM)
  • LS1 or LS2 mounting flange

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4. BBK Performance Parts 17090

The BBK Performance Part 17090 came fourth in our search for the best throttle body for 5.3 Chevy in terms of price, as the BBK retailed at a few dollars over $300. BBK throttle bodies by design, boost your engine horsepower from a seven to a twelve by increasing airflow and adding torque to your wheels.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

The BBK throttle bodies’ precision-machined by CNC from top quality 356 aluminum casting; ensure the best fit and quality. You do not have to worry about installation, as the throttle body is a direct fit.


  • An increase of 7 to 12 RWHP
  • Huge 80mm throttle body bore for better airflow.
  • CNC machined aluminum casting which serves you for a while
  • Hardware, spacer, and gaskets

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5. Sniper Motorsports 860023

The Sniper Motorsports 860023 cost the least among the five throttle bodies at slightly under $200. This throttle body is made from an excellent quality aluminum billet with an anodized finish.


  • A throttle body, which is cable operated and with an opening of 85mm
  • Huge bore that lets in more air for supporting more horsepower
In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy
  • Great as an alternative for factory 3-bolt pipes
  • Double return spring and continuous throttle pulley
  • A versatile throttle stop
  • A 3-bolt mounting pattern style, inclusive of the bolts
  • Attractive silver finish

As far as emissions are concerned, Sniper Motorsports is designed to aid in installing emission-friendly engines into classic or vintage cars. Federal guidelines allow for an engine change in conditions such as:

  • The vehicle is being used for racing in competitions and will never be used in regular streets.
  • The modified vehicle is similar in all aspects such as engine design, engine calibrations, and emission parts to a certified setup of a similar or more recent model as the car chassis.
  • The car is uncontrolled, meaning it was manufactured way before the emission control rules and regulations. Anti-tampering rules and parts regulations do not control these vehicles.

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How to Choose the Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

To recap, your Chevy 5.3’s throttle body measures the amount of air that enters into your engine. The two throttle system types include older cars with a special cable that attaches to the throttles butterflies or moveable plates. The cable pulls the butterflies open when you floor the accelerator and lets in more air. Newer models have a “drive-by-wire) system where the throttle body has something called a potentiometer.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

Whichever system you have, they serve similar purposes of opening and closing the butterflies to allow cool air into your engine. At times, the throttle body is small. It cannot allow in enough air, even with the butterflies fully open, causing your Chevy’s engine power to become limited. The answer to this is a performance throttle body.


You should consider a throttle body with a large internal bore that delivers enough air into your engine to unlock the engine’s horsepower. Watch out, though; don’t go buying the largest throttle body in the market!

Horsepower is not dependent on airflow only, but also on the interplay of turbulence, velocity, and volume. If one of these is not right, your engine won’t be a powerful as you need it to be. If the throttle body is oversize, you pump in too much air and sacrifice turbulence and velocity.

Internal bores come in various sizes, measured in millimeters. The internal bore’s size determines at what RMP your Chevy will give you maximum horsepower. The general throttle body rule of thumb is that the bigger the size, the more the RPM needed to kick the power.

If the throttle body you buy is extra big, your vehicle will tire at lower RPMs and taking off with gusto at higher RPMs

What to Remember when buying the throttle Body

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy
  • Remember to confirm if the throttle body you intend to buy is emissions legal in your country/state.
  • The notion bigger is better is overrated. If your vehicle is a stock engine, you will be better off with a slightly bigger size.
  • Consider the future modifications you intend to make on your Chevy. If you plan to do a complete performance overhaul, buy a bigger throttle body in advance, assuring you of the airflow needed along the way.

Why you should change your Throttle Body

There is no rule as to when your throttle body needs to be changed. You can easily change your stock throttle bundle for a better version that can be done immediately, or until a major engine upgrade is done. Quick instantaneous swapping and making a throttle response is felt immediately.

If your Chevy is not generating any additional power, but the increase in the throttle is also beneficial. Your throttle’s performance will not be affected by the addition of an aftermarket body, which means you need to acquire the throttle body in advance.


Chevy car enthusiasts obsess over improving their engine power and wheel torque. Finding the best throttle body for 5.3 Chevy is easy and takes a small amount of intelligence. Some throttle bodies are created with race Chevys in mind, while some are for regular Chevys.

In-depth Comparison Best Throttle Body for 5.3 Chevy

These five throttle bodies are very similar in their features, except the Holley Performance. The manufacturer went out of its way to add numerous features compared to the others. When we look at pricing, Edelbrock 38643 came first while the Sniper Motorsports retails at the lowest price among the five throttle bodies.

The Edelbrock 38643, Edelbrock 38640, and Sniper Motorsports are awesome for racecars, and BBK is your go-to for the regular Chevy. Consider the above factors when buying a throttle body to tell which one is the best for your car and your application, and how to tell you to need a replacement.